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  1. Songs with killer codas

    I'm not sure if this is a killer coda, or just the killer last part of a song that has like nine killer parts.
  2. Songs with killer codas

    Two obvious ones:
  3. mlb 2018

    Cole to the Astros. Boo.
  4. thread to make fun of festival lineups

    I was so shell-shocked by how bad the Coachella lineup is, I didn't even notice the Bonnaroo lineup is worse.
  5. mlb 2018

    It's weird, nobody is signing and nothing has really happened since the first two weeks. It's been an awesome off-season though, because the Angels have gotten shit done.
  6. What Are You Playing?

    Has an Assassin's Creed game ever been fun for more than 2 hours?

    Minutemen cover of Steely Dan.
  8. Nature, hiking, pretty places, etc

    Christine Falls, Mt. Rainier National Park, Washington Narada Falls, Mt. Rainier National Park, Washington Narada Falls
  9. Miscellaneous Games Discussion

    These sound promising.
  10. mlb 2018

    Even if he was completely healthy he was bound for a TJ surgery, because that's what the Angels do to their pitchers.
  11. mlb 2018

    The Angels lineup should be good, and I'd still expect at least one more big move to address second or third base. Also, the pitching was actually very good last year despite all the injuries. Adding Ohtani to a (hopefully) healthy Garrett Richards can't hurt. They should be a wild card team behind Houston.
  12. What Are You Playing?

    I've been playing Super Mario Odyssey, and when that starts feeling too whimsical, I switch over to Doom for awhile. They're both really fun.
  13. Nature, hiking, pretty places, etc

    Quit trying to start shit.