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  2. So... cialism?

    Socialism was just made up to make sex more acceptable. Like, if everyone can be together, there's no reason to not have nasty filthy steamy kinky sex all over the place.
  3. Radiohead LP9

    Your empire is weakened, motherfucker. You have no power.
  4. Radiohead LP9

    I wonder if anyone appreciates you moose. I certainly don't. Here's the weirdest Thom gif ever:
  5. Misc Digi Game News

    Ni No Kuni 2 Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0AkY9a7DQUE No mention of Studio Ghibli.. I feel like NNK1 was carried by Ghibli's involvement. Maybe the sequel will underwhelm. Nonetheless, definitely a Top 5 Hype Game
  6. Free Philosophy Thread

    fucking Americans and your vapid pointless ad hominems. You don't even have the spine to write out a comment. Just an insult. Go draw a caricature of your mothers, fuckheads.
  7. Radiohead LP9

    If you don't care who knows, then why make your caring known? /philosphyphd
  8. Misc Digi Game News

    whoa, Ni No Kuni 2 could be a fantastic JRPG. The first one was legit Pokémon level. Uncharted 4 trailer has 10 downvotes on Youtube. Are you kitten me? Uncharted is the #1 series I do not understand the hype for. I played all three, and it's like they took the thrill out of Tomb Raider and replaced it with teenage action. DO NOT PLAY IT. (series multiplayer is exciting though). Big thumbs down, and total disregard for Uncarted 4.
  9. Free Philosophy Thread

    It's only useless to YOU motherfucker. I enjoy it. I got a Transformers game by FUCKING PLATINUM GAMES INC JAPAN And some other stuff, it's super pleasant, ok? SO FUCK YOU (ok attempting a more calm response: you speak truth, and you have a relevant point m8. But pal, mah pal, you know what? The thing is, I actually usually do care about avoiding useless stuff. I really do. The flesh is weak m8. Forgive me. - Mr Nice, essay on apologetics, 2015)
  10. Radiohead LP9

    You do shout out your opinions as if you care though.
  11. Misc Digi Game News

    plus it would destroy our environment to a lesser degree, 10 million units x less plastic, it adds up
  12. Free Philosophy Thread

    That is factually wrong, dude. As a matter of fact, the shitty boarding is due to YOU not shutting up! If you left the webs, there would be glory and joy for all of websites.
  13. Radiohead LP9

    As a fan of 4 Minute Warning, I still side with Musickiks on this. I actually think the "yoga" remark is important... maybe Thom has literally achieved zen state, and there's nothing on his mind? That would be useful for a lot of people, but for a songwriter? Are you fucking kitten me? IR was not middle-of-the-road, it was extremely intricate and innovative and daring lyrically, and the whole songs were a different place than middle-of-the-road, that's for fucking sure. As a matter of fact, the songs were not in the middle-of-the-road. They were in-rainbows.
  14. Guess the digi

    guy who wont play a game if it has a weird-ass title
  15. Game development

    anyone made a game? I got Gamemaker Pro, Unity 3d is free, Unreal Engine is free, pygame is VERY free, and basically you have so many tools it's dumb. yet, I've never made a game!