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  1. 2018 music thread

    I always thought duckduckgo was an odd name! Apparently "duck duck goose" is duck duck grey goose" in Minnesota.
  2. what did you just buy?

    birthday money First three CDs, second four LPs mono LP, fuck yeah! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand Kevin Shields' new analog master for the vinyl reissue. Sure, I have the original CD, the analog/digital remaster CDs and the Plain LP (bought because I didn't know better) but it's my favorite album so I should have the ideal version, right? The shipping costs are fucking insane though. I'd not have bought this (or most of these other things, or the bottle of Talisker) were it not for my wife, who encourages me to be nice to myself. I have a problem with extravagance when it comes to me - I feel guilty when I buy myself nice things, always have, and they're never even that nice! - but she's trying to change that. She's great. What kind of wife makes her husband buy records! Come on! I'm a lucky, lucky man.
  3. iconic houses on album cover's

    I rip shit, kill it, cut your gut and spill it Treat you like a gas tank, take your ass and fill it Then take you for a ride to where I reside Put your face on my pillow and have you weepin like a willow I tax that butt, WAX THAT ASS some more words That's what it is y'all, THAT'S WHAT IT IS
  4. and now for something lighter. this is glorious.
  5. this album fucking rules. El Barrio has some very intense playing - Henderson goes deep. McCoy Tyner and Elvin Jones are on it too.
  6. The droning harmonies on If You're Gone
  7. Set You Free This Time is frighteningly good.
  8. Got their first two albums in a 2LP set yesterday. The Bells of Rhymney is too good. This band is too good!
  9. Panda Bear, A Day With The Homies. Good God, why did he choose that title. Was there no one to stop him? Did his wife dare say, "Noah, honey, that title is...bad," or is Noah a violent tyrant? The first song was fine, the second starts with nearly two minutes of a phased, distorted keyboard note straight off Playing With Fire before the drums kick in. Now he's singing. This song is pretty rad! Damn, there was a chord change and now there are some 808 (or 909?) claps, and I'm not a fan of digital claps most of the time. There should be clinic to clean up the urge to use them.
  10. fuck, i want to drink some of that!
  11. now this pete and jason are gods
  12. 2018 music thread

    sweet, thanks for the head's up!
  13. Generic P4K Grievances Thread

    that video is so good it almost justifies the existence of the internet