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  1. Photographs Of Musicians

    that's some forward thinking yea anyway, i saw these today and they seem real enough Time - He's waiting in the wings He speaks of senseless things His script is you and me, boys
  2. Photographs Of Musicians

    oh dear http://www.metalinjection.net/around-the-interwebs/sorry-that-lemmy-david-bowie-photo-is-a-fake
  3. they're still fucking fantastic live
  4. 2015 Music: Running Thread

  5. Foo Fighters LP8

  6. Lord, Kill the Pain: The Mark Kozelek Chronicles

    Vinyl is a Man's World featuring Stephen O'Malley & Attila Csihar
  7. Lord, Kill the Pain: The Mark Kozelek Chronicles

    oooops, picture's gone in Porto he said if he looked very fat it's because he had just eaten 20 bowls of portuguese caldo verde soup which he loves.
  8. Lord, Kill the Pain: The Mark Kozelek Chronicles

    his live shows are amazing right now, probably the most baffling and moving gigs he's ever played, and a looooong way from the ornery self-conscious gargoyle i saw solo just before Benji came out about a year and a half ago. it's remarkable how vulnerable he seems onstage just screaming like a lunatic and crooning around without a guitar flailing his arms, coming to the front of the stage all the time to get closer to the front rows: he looks like he's about to break at any minute, i never saw him like that before. as hotrock said i wouldn't be surprised if the guy is actually losing his mind for real, but for now at least he looks focused and happy singing onstage. i had lost interest in him after Benji and all the silly feuds but i just saw him at the Primavera Sound fests and he was definitely one of the highlights both weekends, and that's saying a lot considering all the great gigs i saw. the Porto show was especially amazing: he had his brilliant current band (Neil Halstead on guitar/vocals plus a kickass drummer and another guitarist) and then Steve Shelley banging on a second drum kit, and he seemed elated to be there. he also got the portuguese dude who toured with him last year to come onstage for a really loud version of Richard Ramirez and Yasmine Hamdan to duet with him on the most hilarious and sloppiest I Got You Babe you can imagine. so yea, that's where it's at right now. go see him live if you have the chance and forget about the record, which is okay but doesn't quite capture what he seems to be aiming at. the songs from the last couple of albums really are something else live, you can see the guy evolving and stretching, lord knows towards what, but it makes for a really compelling show. the bastard actually made me burst into tears and then laugh like an idiot within a minute a couple of times.
  9. Lord, Kill the Pain: The Mark Kozelek Chronicles

    oh Palo pretty sure i'm never gonna listen to this after a handful of times
  10. Lord, Kill the Pain: The Mark Kozelek Chronicles

    still haven't listened to the record but i saw him live last weekend and it was utterly baffling and amazing in pretty much equal parts. i actually loved it he was in a happy/playful mood and barely played guitar, the drums and percussion (which he also plays) were really loud at times and he spent half of the show screaming instead of singing, even during some parts of the older songs. aside from Mariette he only played Benji and Universal Themes stuff. i would've loved to hear some Perils tunes but oh well. i honestly can't tell if he's really trolling or he just lost his mind at this point anymore but this Kozelek sure is more entertaining that he was a couple of years ago. also, Anthony Fantano was sitting close to where I was which made everything even more bizarre. never thought i'd see him in person
  11. NBA 2015-2016

    i don't think Cleveland are gonna beat the Hawks there, i said it
  12. NBA 2015-2016

    man, the Clippers had it in the sixth and they just blew the whole thing then. i think they never really got over it, they looked awful today after beating the Spurs this is so disappointing