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  1. The upcoming gigs/live music thread

    Endless Boogie were so good.An illustration of where everyone else goes wrong. Trancendental!
  2. just checked out the track listing, that's some great songs they cover.
  3. someone on atease had this as their favourite 13FE album. I wouldn't go that far but it's still terrific, even though roky doesn't feature all that much.
  4. RIP Grant Hart

  5. The upcoming gigs/live music thread

    Endless Boogie on Sunday
  6. Yacht Rock

    I don't think this is a genre for me. Though liked the Bertie Higgins video a lot. It's a bit of class.
  7. really good laid back psych.
  8. what a great record. It's a blast
  9. I know David Lee Roth's supposed to be a bit of a wanker but he's dynamite on there.
  10. Listening now to Van Halen's first What a way to start a career
  11. there are loads, consistently high standard though! worth taking a punt whatever you find. Sunrise, Prospekt, Taantumus probably my favourites. New one would be a good place to start and probably actually available.
  12. really getting into this now. big old primal riffs, some sounding more than a little familiar, plenty of yer patent Circle finnish operatic vocals, and lots of nice subtle touches in the instrumentation.
  13. reached a stage of drunkenness where I'm just listening to Riding the Equator by Felt on repeat
  14. listening to bits and bobs of Levon Vincent.
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