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  1. winamp visualizer

    there's still a visualiser in itunes. Look at that!
  2. it's the end of the year as we know it (and I feel lists)

    English version: I remember when I first noticed you cared for me still We were sitting down in a restaurant waiting for the bill Spanish: I remember the first time l noticed you wanted more I'd just said to the waiter "la quenta por favor"
  3. y o l a t e n g o m e g a t h r e a d

    I've got a few random ylt tracks on my ipod and I give them a listen once in a while, but really they've never clicked. Think maybe they're too slacker for my taste. I dunno.
  4. Brand New LP5

  5. Brand New LP5

    listen to music by women that is
  6. Brand New LP5

    oh I don't do that
  7. Brand New LP5

    kinda pleased now I don't listen to this modern emo stuff, going to stick to my 70s rock!
  8. need to get Spotify on home laptop for this. it is better than it is on mobiles yes? In free mode I mean. It's unusable on the phone. Just plays random stuff.