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  1. You know the rules by now..... list 5 songs from 2017 in order of preference of how much you like them, then post them. Someone will count them up I guess and then unemployed people will run down the songs in the run up to Christmas FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, THIS IS NOT DIFFICULT TO DO Do it like this: 1. Artist | Song title 2. Artist | Song title 3. etc Anyone who puts song title | artist and doesn't number the list will be ignored, although in reality they wont but they will be grumbled at Polls close December 9th at 21.00 GMT Want to do a show? Count the songs up? Get in touch with me or Heart Space via PM. Probably Heart Space if you want a response within 168 hours
  2. Right, we're doing it May God have mercy on our souls
  3. Hello, c'est moi Discussions in darkened rooms have been taking place about whether we should ressurect this sickly puppy this year. With enough willpower we can make it happen, but we're going to put it to a yes / no referendum as the result of those never goes wrong and never causes chaos and distress So we are at the ready to have a good look under the bonnet and get this going but if people can't be arsed then we'll go and enjoy mince pies and port instead You have 24 hours to vote! Chose carefully!
  4. The only sensible option - imagine flogging him off when he's going to score 8 against Palace
  5. I predict that Clarky will gain independence from the leadership of the league very soon
  6. Epic week. I hope the team bus leaves my lads behind in the car park
  7. If Maze can win it then anyone can Although didn't I win it? Remember lads, later deadline tomorrow at 2PM
  8. Yeah, but the H2H gives your naebodies something to cling on to and bleat on about until next season starts
  9. Don't me! You were on about setting it up one year, and I knew you would have cried and set it up this year, with pathetic prize money Speaking of which..... There's £130 in the kitty, so quick and easy maths says £60 for first, £40 for second, £20 for third and then cashback for the winner of the H2H BUT if you win money from the league you can't win cash from the H2H as well - that would go to the highest placing H2H person who won nothing from the league. Good yeah? Jeremy Corbyn would love it, love it
  10. There actually shouldn't - I hate it after thinking about it - but it saves CDP the hassle of setting it up and it's a bit of fun I guess. I haven't moved any cash from Paypal - I'll have a look at the kitty and come up with the prizes this week at some point
  11. Guys.... I think Clarky is winning