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  1. you must protect yourselves from North Korea but only yourselves and not your closest allies
  2. WHAT'S ON?? TV show catchall thread

    I started it this summer but abandoned it after a couple of episodes. I'll finish it at some point bc I loved the book and I wanna see how badly they mangle the story edit: I finally found the street the commander's house is on. might walk over there tomorrow and annoy some rich folks
  3. Whatchya watching on Netflix?

    I drank a cider last night and it made my sinus infection 10000 times worse i couldn't smoke obviously but completely forgot about firecrackers you just saved my Monday evening
  4. Awards

    I think the search is broken because I could've sworn there was a thread for the emmys anyway, Sean Spicer came out on stage during the opening monologue
  5. Whatchya watching on Netflix?

    people in having feelings shocker
  6. @Brother Reverend Magoun You should watch game of thrones not with your kid obv
  7. did DeVos finally roll back those pesky child labour regulations
  8. the world needs more people like you @Chaddeus Maximus
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