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  1. WANT. Some of these are synthy to a fault. But it really does great getting that mellotron sound. And the dry/effects blending where the effects swell in behind the guitar? That's pretty fucking awesome. Would open up worlds of tonal possibilities on any pedal board.
  2. The Star Wars Thread

    That's the thing: I wasn't going in expecting High Art. I know what Star Wars is all about in the Disney Era, where franchises are squeezed and bled bone dry. I just think Disney can deliver a fun, family-friendly, nostalgia-fueled space western that doesn't collapse under the weight of only the slightest scrutiny. I don't think that is asking too much. Seriously not trying to be a killjoy. I did enjoy it, after all. But when I sit down and actually think about it I get pretty it is I, me, who is mad up. Things I liked: The characters. They are all very enjoyable and play well off each other. Wish Rey and Finn could have hung out more since I enjoyed their chemistry in The Force Awakens. Oh shit. I'm already back to bitching. This is not easy for me. Umm. Big space battles were cool. Laura Dern was great and I liked bit that wrapped up the middle arc. To be honest, most of my gripes involve the long, drawn up, unnecessarily sprawling middle act. The beginning and devastating end were pretty great.
  3. The Star Wars Thread

    I'm straight up scum.
  4. The Star Wars Thread

    >>>> I don't have any MAJOR SPOILERS but at the same time, I'm going to write with the assumption that everyone clicking this thread has seen the movie and if you haven't, why the fuck are you clicking the thread? It's not hard. <<<<< The only improvement over The Force Awakens was a slightly less formulaic plot and some better laughs. But all the things that annoyed me about TFA were on display again here: Space Western written by committee. Certainly fun and spectacle and I'm going to see it again. But doesn't hold up under any critical scrutiny whatsoever. Only the generous "yeah, but it's a fun popcorn movie for the whole family" takes for this make any sense. Seriously can't believe that the big plot point for the movie was a slow speed chase. At least three scenes were so ham-fisted corny that they might as well have had Jar Jar in there. Yes, there were plenty of parts and action sequences I liked fine. I am a dumb boy at heart, after all. And on a strict thumbs up / thumbs down scale, this gets a thumbs up. But again, only under the most generous bar possible does this pass at all.
  5. Probably. But I found it very confusing but did appreciate the levity the discussion had wrought.
  6. I'm not judging anyone. I have been known to come across as a condescending prick, though. So I'll plead guilty to that. Seriously never my intent. Anyone who knows me knows I like to go back and forth and talk about these things. I can be an obtuse fuck. But I never intend for shit to be personal. As for what you are angry about: I'm sorry. I didn't think it was improper and certainly wasn't aware of the context of your frustration and vulnerable moment.
  7. I thought it was funny and in jest. There was a emote behind it. You are policing my likes now? Doesn't that ever get tiring?
  8. I see that. I still don't understand scattershot lashing out at anyone and everything. I'm hurt and angry too about the state of the world. But I'm not going to tell my friends to "fuck off".
  9. Action is great. Please explain to me how getting angry about Joe Biden and Meghan McCain having a Halmark™ Moment is going to help the cause. And for the record, I have no problem with anyone being completely nasty to John McCain. Fuck that guy.
  10. This is the same Marco Rubio who expressed concern about Betsy DeVoss and other Trump picks for high level positions and came around to vote for Trump's agenda Every Single Time. Come on. Don't take him serious about anything ever. The man has no spine.
  11. I'm not really a big Joe Biden fan and Meghan McCain is just as awful as her father. But neither are lawmakers and I'd just as soon reserve my malice for fucks like Paul Ryan suggesting people should breed more.
  12. I don't think you completely understand how politics online works. You have to be completely nasty to people with whom you even slightly disagree with. There's no room for humanity.
  13. From Your Corner of the World

    My friend had a cabin about 30 minutes outside of Fairbanks. One summer before the fishing started I busied myself salvaging what we could from his home, as it was swallowed up by a sinkhole caused by melting permafrost. It was well constructed, so it largely stayed intact and was like some cubist art installation with a normal house tilted 50 degrees sideways. That story has me wondering about Sishmareff (sp)? It's likely been washed away into the sea now, no?
  14. it's the end of the year as we know it (and I feel lists)

    Oh yes. That is p fresh. Might have to download that.