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  1. SOULS

    I'll be getting it on ps4 because fuck sitting in computer chairs
  2. deviled eggs are not so good, huh

    Egg rolls are pretty good
  3. "Classic Rock"

    So like 8 of you
  4. "Classic Rock"

    they are called ac dc cuz they make you want to put your "ac adapter" into an electrical socket
  5. Terrorism

    Pray for newtown
  6. SOULS

    Sounds familiar
  7. Rob Ford is Dead

    And feminists
  8. Rob Ford is Dead

    Lol @ only feeling bad after the fact when the dude is dead. Typical milennoaltards
  9. The best soul song since 1980?

    More like d'amn when will this guy go away-o
  10. Lord, Kill the Pain: The Mark Kozelek Chronicles

    Your a collector of rare vinyl, that's completely absolutely hip, and motherfucking fantastic
  11. Listening Club, Week 18: Johnny Society - Clairvoyance

    Who is John mccain