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  1. Not sure if this is their best or Arthur,but it is a perfect album nonetheless. Also, what a wonderful cover.
  2. Great record, wish Autumn Almanac was on it instead of Tin Soldier Man though.
  3. The least of their golden era,but still a lot to love on this one. It feels more like a collection of tunes than a concise record though. I usually listen to this on shuffle.
  4. Honesty, the only one by him I've ever been able to get into at all. Even so, the first side is much stronger than the second side(Aside from Monalisa and Mad Hatters.).
  5. Good,but overstays it's welcome a little bit.
  6. First listen to this one. Way too many of the overindulgences of the 80's to qualify as a great record,but the highs are still really great. Smooth Criminal is such a great song.
  7. First listen. This Place(Heartbreak Hotel) is a real jam. A few other of these tracks are good as well,but the whole isn't amazing. The radio station that played for me on Spotify afterwards was quite the treat though.
  8. I remember really liking this a few years ago. Now, a lot of it seems like he is trying too hard to play too many different styles. The singles are still good and the closer is fine though.
  9. the comics thread

    Walked into my local store today. I had no idea that marvel was putting out 3D covers again. It feels like the nineties all over again. I don't understand why people still buy superhero books. Anyway, picked up Now by Fantagraphics. It's a fun little anthology and I'm loving being introduced to all of these neat indie artists. I kinda wish there were more anthologies being put out regularly.
  10. Not quite as good as Forever Blue,but there are some gems on here.
  11. ' Controversial opinion,but this doesn't impress me much. It's way too long and the only songs I really love are the ones on the quieter side. I keep hoping that this will grow on me,but it hasn't so far.
  12. This record is pretty good,but not quite as good as the following one.I'm of the assumption that these guys don't make good albums anymore. Has anyone heard any of their most recent records?
  13. Pretty solid release, I always forget how short this one is though. I wouldn't mind it being a little longer.
  14. Post Yr Tunes

    Trying out Caustic. Here's a few demo's
  15. Eh,it's not bad,but it doesn't grab me as much as Kaputt or Rubies did. I can see it being a grower though. That last track is really swell.