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  1. 2017: Running Music Thread

    Here's my Keith moment without having heard the album: AOTD
  2. charles manson death watch

    He'll live forever in our hearts
  3. Condiment Wars

    You know it. I love going to the Popular, canine-themed hot-dog shack
  4. TWFM vs Sleep Well Beast

    I voted for both to f*ck the poll up
  5. 1998 album of the year voting thread

    That's actually wrong
  6. Neil Young - The Annex (^tM) Shakey Thread

    Amazing news. Curious to see if it is everything or "everything".
  7. Brand New LP5

  8. thread for when musicians say stupid things

    For some reason, I assumed that the watermelon guy said that
  9. Battlefront II

    So why are people mad about this and not in nerd terms
  10. 1998 album of the year voting thread

    1. June of 44 - Four Great Points 2. Lambchop - What Another Man Spills 3. Gastr del Sol - Camofleur 4. Richard Youngs - Sapphie 5. Sunny Day Real Estate - How It Feels To Be Something On