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  1. NBA 2017-2018

    Watching Rockets-Heat now and it is weird as hell that every other commercial isn't about Trae Young.
  2. Lord, Kill the Pain: The Mark Kozelek Chronicles

    Am I going to be suckered into buying a third copy of that album? Not if I can convince someone to buy it for me!
  3. I haven't, but it seems like exactly the kind of loner folk that I'm an absolute sucker for
  4. Despite some of the more electronic elements coming off as more dated than their earlier albums, there's still a lot of great stuff here. "Mornixuur" is nearly spectacular and really kind of nails the shimmering, warm, and bright of the title.
  5. The upcoming gigs/live music thread

    I was wrong. Two rows back from the last row in the balcony are $375 each now. Last row of the floor are at $430 and middle of the balcony is up to a honking $550 each. It is repulsive.
  6. The upcoming gigs/live music thread

    $100 seems expensive, but like something I could justify. There's no way to make spending $700 for a pair of tickets on a single show seem worth it. I was in a meeting that ran long when tickets went on sale, it got out maybe five or ten minutes after they went on sale, everything was gone, and when I checked stubhub five minutes after that they were already up for about $200.
  7. The upcoming gigs/live music thread

    I missed getting tickets by minutes for the closest show and now they are up to $350 and I hate that I can't afford that
  8. That was the dumbest shit
  9. 2018 music thread

  10. Nintendo bread

    I can't wait to throw a kettle over my Labo house
  11. Nintendo bread

    Didn't he just get the most likes on here three days in a row?
  12. Conspiracy Theory Megathread

    As much as a meteor crushing him would be satisfying, wouldn't the ultimate cosmic irony be if he were mauled to death by a tiger?