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  1. Ugh, Vice, but.. https://motherboard.vice.com/en_us/article/8x8gaa/pepe-the-frogs-creator-lawsuits-dmca-matt-furie-alt-right To that end, Tompros and his team have taken the first steps towards dismantling the alt-right's stranglehold on Pepe. They've served a cease and desist letter to Richard Spencer's Altright.com, noting the specific places where Spencer and his team have used Pepe in violation of Furie's copyright. Pepe is all over Spencer's site and is the mascot for his podcast, Alt-Right Politics. "We've asked them to take them down," Tompros said. "That hasn't happened yet, but they're very much on notice. We plan to take action if they don't." Tompros and team have also gone after alt-right figure Baked Alaska, serving cease and desist letters to him and DMCA notices to Amazon, Twitter and his other online social media spaces. According to the lawyers, they also got Amazon to stop selling his book, Meme Magic: Secrets Revealed, which used Pepe on its cover. Meme Magic is currently not available on Amazon.com, but a used copy was for sale on Amazon.co.uk at the time of publishing.
  2. Well this was a miserable week! Olsen is probably out for the season
  3. 2017: Running Music Thread

    But what if it actually weren't?
  4. What TV show should Benny watch next

    Watch The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
  5. Hey, this is good as heck. Shockingly, I'm sure.
  6. Whatchya watching on Netflix?

    I'm unclear why it still exists Or even did in the first place
  7. RIP Grant Hart

    I just gasped He's not even old
  8. Upcoming Movies You Want To See

    And the person that first brought that allegation to light? Jen Kirkman
  9. WHAT'S ON?? TV show catchall thread

    And I'm sure it will be tasteful and well considered
  10. Upcoming Movies You Want To See

    I was just thinking we need that thread for Death Wish. Saw the trailer before It and fuck that racist, fascist shit.
  11. From Your Corner of the World

    Yeah, gf went to UR and is using it as an excuse to visit her friends that live out there, so I'm tagging along
  12. let's talk about BRIPE

    I will buy one of these
  13. From Your Corner of the World

    Can't wait to be on campus for Meliora weekend if this shit isn't cleared up
  14. the comics thread

    @shakes you going to SPX this weekend?

    @psycho Nathan Fielder on this week's Comedy Bang Bang
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