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  1. Last movie you watched

  2. Post Yr Tunes

    zane was born a boomer!
  3. Mount Eerie - Sauna

    ah yes the meta-jokey follow up companion ep about touring to DEATH!
  4. Pop Music 2017

    don't call maze a tory!
  5. Pop Music 2017

    4 on the Florrie
  6. Grimes Yottathread

    belly! and MAZE [beast!] he bit her breast! at the green day concert! [wake him up!]
  7. Deerhoof

    oh Satomi can go blow me! she's probably just the right height too! wouldn't even have to bend down! hell for ethan she'd have to jump UP! he'd probably secretly get off on that said fact! Greg in the sauna just watching... WAITING! [wanking]
  8. So... cialism?

    COMMIES DRIVE A NOVA! give commies ALL the cummies!
  9. Mount Eerie - Sauna

    a dead baby crow LOOKED at you? ...
  10. Deerhoof

    sounds like you aren't really all that close with your friends! more like furry fiends! such tiny slimey hands!
  11. The upcoming gigs/live music thread

    Your frickin' ears!
  12. great internet comments about music

    Questioning! QUESTION EXISTING! plates on your ass bitch (breaking dishes!) PLATES ON YOUR ASS Bitch!
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