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  1. UK General Election 2017

    Guess who? Designer releases 'Harry and Meghan wedding dolls' that look NOTHING like them … and she wants $181 for the pair More like:
  2. Terrace House: Boys and Girls Next Door

    Mi-chan? More like Mmmmmmmm-chan!
  3. I have a funny feeling this year's Halloween is going to be great.
  4. Menu Thread

  5. Menu Thread

  6. Whatchya watching on Netflix?

    I forgot about it too. Apparently it ended in October You know what, I probably won't bother. I can't even really remember what happened.
  7. Whatchya watching on Netflix?

    Obviously a fan-made trailer made up of clips from other shows they've been in!
  8. Official Mra Red Pill Thread

    He's obsessed!
  9. Official Mra Red Pill Thread

    Is Zane still posting Jordan Peterson videos?
  10. Nintendo bread

    Anyone else having internet problems this morning?
  11. Terrace House: Boys and Girls Next Door

    30 will go down in history as the finest episode ever made. I'd like a whole season of family/acquaintances in a house. Minori's sister, Hana's friend, Arman's/Tecchan's boss, that eyepatch one.
  12. Terrace House: Opening New Doors