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  1. Last movie you watched

    Just got round to watching Dunkirk, loved it. Good old Nolan, good lad
  2. something with the word "Kenyon" in it please

    Good business all round really. I mean, obviously could have been better for Arsenal if they'd sold him in the summer, but if you are gonna lose the lad for free in 5 months getting a £40m+ rated player out of it isn't too shabby. And for United... Well, Sanchez>>>>>Mkhitariyan.
  3. Your Favo(u)rite Novels - TELL ME WHAT THEY ARE

    I really want to read it all now
  4. Andy Murray is the new Arcade Fire

    Just thought about my favourite vine ever, by Bob Mortimer
  5. Last movie you watched

    "An outspoken teen must navigate a loving but turbulent relationship with her strong-willed mother over the course of an eventful and poignant senior year of high school." Sounds like a nightmare!
  6. What Are You Playing?

    Finally ended up buying FFIX in the humble sale. Maybe I've never played it?? I could have sworn I bought every final fantasy on release day from 7 to 12. But so far I've been all like:
  7. British TV shows for British people

    Anyone watched Hard Sun? Is it worth it? I really like Luther.
  8. British TV shows for British people

    But, the bird....?
  9. Miscellaneous Games Discussion

    @Lights's game of the year?
  10. Nintendo bread

    Ah I didn't know the majority of that price was for the software. I just read £60 for what I thought were a few Nintendo branded sheets of cardboard.
  11. Nintendo bread

    I've just seen how much it costs!
  12. Whatchya watching on Netflix?

    This was what I always thought. Friends seemed pretty progressive to me. I also saw people slagging off only fools and horses for being racist when actually it should be slagged off for being absolute shite.
  13. Whatchya watching on Netflix?

    Just been reading that people seeing friends for the first time ever were saying it was transphobic and homophobic.... I'm wracking my brains but I can't think of when. Does anyone know the ploblem here?
  14. What Are You Playing?

    Can't say I'm too shocked!