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  1. Battlefront II

    What would you score your own ethical values at???
  2. Remember when I praised the choice to choo-choo-choose pogba?
  3. Battlefront II

  4. the general cricket thread

    it is indeed
  5. Bought him in, made him cappy, swimming in points, god bless!
  6. Battlefront II

    Do you rate each companies ethical value structure on a scale of 1-10 before deciding to buy their product? What's the criteria exactly? "EA ethical values - 1/10 Blizzard ethical values - 6/10. Will buy"
  7. Battlefront II

    the strong ethical values of blizzard and Nintendo. Get over yourself.
  8. Ready for another weekend of disappointment?
  9. Battlefront II

    Yeah but it's not just EA who do this. Just because you "don't buy EA games" doesn't mean that this doesn't effect you, or won't effect you at some point. I find it utterly bizarre that anyone interested in video games at all wouldn't find this somewhat interesting.
  10. Battlefront II

    If anything it might make some other big publishers not be quite so arrogant with their loot box systems... Or it will still make hundreds of millions and everyone will realise they can be as shitty as they want. Found it a bit funny that Blizzard had a pop. Bit pot kettle.
  11. Battlefront II

    So, I presume they will just 'remove' microtransactions, now sell a shit load of copies and then when it's all died down and people have forgotten they will just reinstate it all in about 3 months.
  12. Battlefront II

  13. Battlefront II

    The EA employee who had death threats etc... May not be an EA employee at all! the plot thickens.
  14. What Are You Playing?

    Destiny 2 multiplayer is not....fun. Balanced well, but fun it isnt! Especially if you are going in solo. I suppose it's quite like overwatch in that regards, much less fun playing solo.
  15. What Are You Playing?

    I picked up the division again the other day after reading some really promising things about patch 1.8 and it has already gotten a whole lot better even before that has been released. I am really enjoying it. It actually reminds me of diablo 3 adventure mode in the end game and has lots of good quality of life stuff if you are into all that RPG character building type of thing. I guess it's just really nice to player a looter shooter that has really in depth RPG elements and not one that dumbs down (an already basic system) as if it thinks its entire fan base is thick as shit.