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  1. British TV shows for British people

    @dunderheadmight find this thread useful:
  2. British TV shows for British people

    idk why that guy was so proud of his beard it was a sickening, thin clump of ginger pubes.
  3. British TV shows for British people

    I still don't know why this guy is so fucking bad at the planets thing It's like he thinks the void below will literally kill him. Now it looks like he's about to cry
  4. British TV shows for British people

    "Very good at strategy, it's just motor skills letting them down" No shit! They've already got two crystals. Bit premature.
  5. British TV shows for British people

    Oh my God they are actual furries holy shit
  6. music comments that don't warrant a thread

    @big anthony riding a wave of spaghetti have u seen this have u heard of this So many questions.
  7. British TV shows for British people

    I should have watched this, I thought you were exaggerating. Before I officially laugh though, is this guy a bit.. you know.
  8. Yeah no, I wouldn't trust this guy to stick his gloved finger up my butt.
  9. Economics - The Thread


    Yeah, so many actors dying before their time
  11. great internet comments about music

    No one's ever noticed this but every post I have ever made has actually been about me wanting to kill myself.
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