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  1. What Philosophy Book/Article Are You Reading?

  2. Nintendo bread

    Paper Mario for Switch will require some cardboard monstrosity of a control scheme.
  3. Men Are Trash: The Megathread

    Think Peter Thiel will offer Aziz aegis?
  4. Official Mra Red Pill Thread

    "But, the idea that you can target an ethnic group with a collective crime, regardless of the specific innocence or guilt of the constituent elements of that group, there is absolutely nothing that's more racist than that. It's absolutely abhorrent." - Adolf Hitler
  5. Men Are Trash: The Megathread

    Atwood: https://www.theglobeandmail.com/opinion/am-i-a-bad-feminist/article37591823/

    My understanding is that Mark is kind of the point person for the actual logic and lore of the show, and pitches ideas to DL that he may accept or reject. I think they're sort of deferential to each other, since there's a lot of (maybe semi-intentional) disconnect between the events reported by the show and the books. I'll advocate for Mark's books even if they're clunky sometimes. It's not like they're difficult to read.
  7. Faith, spirituality, religion, etc

    Certainly there are apothatic forms of the Christian faith that do not presuppose the literal divinity of Christ, but none of them would condone pondering at any length the messiah's assplay preferences.
  8. songs that make you want to cry

  9. Men Are Trash: The Megathread

    mark mcwho