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  1. wtf yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
  2. why was this my exact same thought?
  3. White nonsense.

    I know it still exists. Lmao I was using it last month. My handle was legalizeranch420 and that's pretty much the best thing about that experience *walks away disgusted*
  4. songs that make you want to cry

    omg apparently after you destroy yourself in the US you can still make millions upon millions attaching your name to shit other people did in other countries like Brazil. Damn Iggy is making bank off Brazil. So this is how people stay rich... when they fuck things up
  5. songs that make you want to cry

    remember when this came out ? I really enjoyed this song until Iggy exposed herself on twitter. Now it makes me cry tears of happiness for Charli -XCXC Gossip Girl
  6. Name that sample

    oh shit it's way more complicated than that as all good things should be
  7. Name that sample

    lemme try and find the track
  8. Name that sample

    Monica or maybe hmmm no definitely sounds like Monica
  9. UK General Election 2017

    skepta for UK Parliament 2018
  10. songs that make you want to cry

    Graham Nash: 'I Don't Want Anything to Do With' David Crosby
  11. White nonsense.

    there used to be this website called okcupid and one of the match making questions was 'under a certain light wouldn't nuclear war be exciting?' and that always struck me as extremely fucked up that anyone wants to see nuclear war outside of movies/TV... Like oh yeah flesh literally dripping off the bodies of my loved ones, super exciting bro!
  12. Social justice[edit] The Justice Party supports a universal single payer health system, an equal rights amendment for women, marriage equality, ending wars of aggression, closing many military bases, reducing the budget, immigration reform, repealing the USA PATRIOT Act, protecting and rewarding whistleblowers and ending the War on Drugs. The party also seeks to prosecute individuals whose illegal conduct led to the 2008 financial crisis.[9]
  13. White nonsense.

    hey kid c'mere tell me what you know about your lack of knowledge about racist connotations
  14. Damnit buddy we already created a political party for this and sometimes I feel like the only member in reference to: the justice party
  15. White nonsense.

    I don;t think you understood my reply at all