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  1. On Cinema (at the Cinema)

    i love that greg is there for the whole thing
  2. Men Are Trash: The Megathread

    this shithead is actually tweeting about sexual assault
  3. benny help me out with something here

    she's great for this time of year
  4. TWFM vs Sleep Well Beast

    i like sleep well beast but too easy
  5. Photographs Of Musicians

    tom is surely schizophrenic
  6. What are some of your favorite backing bands?

    the bad seeds
  7. Louie

    that means alec baldwin is toast
  8. what surprise, every one of them is as shallow as a puddle
  9. Guess Movie By Plot

    after earth
  10. Guess Movie By Plot

    it's a moisture farm yo
  11. thread for when musicians say stupid things

    oh shit
  12. please clap wins imo but this is runner up for GOAT jeb! moments
  13. yeah he's good because he's signed out, the fucking coward

    lmao i live for obscure found footage shit like this those reactions were echoed verbatim on the web after s3e18