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  1. Men Are Trash: The Megathread

    my social media presence also keeps me up at night, especially considering i teach a class of 125 college freshmen every semester
  2. What Are You Playing?

    ff IX has a strong case for being the best one despite my biases, that game is awesome. TMI i was dating a girl in brooklyn, living on the upper west side, so i'd have to take a long subway ride to see her, and over the course of six months i played ff IX on an emulator on my android, beat ozma without the side quest to weaken him (which i never did when i was younger, ozma was impossible with or without the quest to weaken him) TMI I just got home and I'm drunk
  3. i know it's been said to death at this point but it's crazy how well that cover catches your eye
  4. The Star Wars Thread

    that was a weird game
  5. Nintendo bread

    thanks, it does sound pretty interesting. i wonder if these are preset things or if you can program the IR sensors / etc (again, a la the ole lego robotics) in that region of interest panel call me cynical but i'm a little skeptical of how accurate it will be, thinking back to the kinect, but i guess this tech has come a long way
  6. Nintendo bread

    the part i didn't get is that is there not any hardware that makes this functional? like for those devices (eg. the piano) you see being built, surely you cant just wrap a switch controller up in that and get it to be functional? it reminds me a lot of the original lego robotics set
  7. Good musician interviews

    now that you mention it every single letterman interview with waits is the greatest musician interview
  8. Nintendo bread

    i can't wrap my head around how this labo thing is supposed to work but i havent tried very hard
  9. Whatchya watching on Netflix?

    http://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/tv/friends-netflix-sexist-racist-transphobic-problematic-millenials-watch-a8154626.html this is what i could find
  10. Songs with killer codas

    hey jude sucks
  11. 2018 music thread

    i wish JJ weren't such a dingus but man this album rips and then stops ripping and makes me think maybe i prefer it when it's not even ripping at all
  12. RIP Dolores O’Riordan

    bury the hatchet has its moments, animal instinct is good but i always loved this one, which i always used to think has the same chord progression as coldplay's lovers in japan no need to argue is by and far the best though
  13. Video Game gifs

    me_irl material