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Radiohead LP9

how bad did u fuck up itt  

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  1. 1. how bad did u fuck up itt

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It's coming, it's happening, we're all waiting for it. What will it sound like? Will we know any of the songs on it? Will Thom finally cut his hair and come back to us? The world is holding its breath in anticipation...

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There's already a thread for Radiohead.

This is a general music / cinema / art / culture forum. :snob:

Okay? This thread is for a specific topic. Maybe it's time to bump the megathread reality check

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Contrary to the overall wrong opinion of the majority I thought TKOL was great and would rank it right behind Amnesiac at #5. Although I was disappointed that they couldn't come up with more than 12 tracks. After four years. :|


Well, I do believe that their new album will have a broader appeal and will satisfy some fans that have been left disappointed with TKOL.

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I really dug the vibe on TKOL - it was way chiller/less serious/less of a huge statement, which I think they definitely needed to do post-IR to get rid of all that fucking expectation and "Best Band Ever" nonsense. Plus they're clearly actually having FUN with this band again, which is cool - the mood when I saw them in 2008 on the IR tour vs. 2012 on the TKOL tour was night and day. In 2012 it was mostly dancy, energetic stuff, and they looked like they were having a blast. In 2008 they were playing shit like Fake Plastic Trees and Just and did not really seem to give a fuck about them - and I don't really blame them.


I think people who long for the OKC/Kid A/Amnesiac era are probably going to be less enthused about the direction they're heading in these days - I mean new tracks like Identikit are very much hip-hop/IDM influenced, but then you have shit like Skirting on the Surface which is like this chill post-reggae shit, or Ful Stop, a weird, jangly and angular krautrock banger... it's all over the place, really, and I really dig that. I also think that both Thom and Jonny's solo stuff as of late has been great, too. I really dig the vibe on TMB and Jonny's new orchestral stuff is some of the best stuff he's ever done - that recent full, pro-shot concert of him with the LCO is just mind-bending. So I don't know, if they bring those influences in on these sessions it's going to be wild.


I'm really excited for LP9 personally, because a lot of the songs that have a good chance of getting on there I think are pretty great. Radiohead's always going to be a great band, but expecting them to just keep churning out groundbreaking albums like OKC or Kid A is just absurd - there's so much that goes into making an album like that so important, and a lot of it has to do with the cultural vibe at the time, the way it's received, peoples' attitudes towards it, etc. I don't know if it's really even POSSIBLE to make an album like OKC again in terms of like, a paradigm shift of that magnitude.


Anyway, I'm high as shit right now, but suffice it to say, I'm pretty eager to hear what LP9 sounds like.

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