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Radiohead LP9

how bad did u fuck up itt  

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  1. 1. how bad did u fuck up itt

    • extremely bad (for luke)
    • not that bad

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49 minutes ago, sugarface said:

people who can't hear the similarity are the reason why we need music education in our schools :yes:


I don't think it's a case about not hearing similarities but just thinking it's more of a coincidence and thinking the whole ordeal, true or not, is just a bunch of silly nonsense. 

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They're alike, but I've seen so much worse. If people were always this petty about similarities between songs, the amount of negotiations/litigations would be unbearable. LDR herself could have filed a few


I say they never really got over the Hollies case and couldn't just bring themselves to turn a blind eye (a bad ear) to good old Lana

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