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How often do u also get the chips at chipotle

how often do u also get the chips + eat them all  

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  1. 1. well

    • every time
    • like maybe every other time
    • only very occasionally
    • literally never you enormous bastard

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Oh man. When that placed opened evryone was like ... really? No one invoked with thenplace knew of that word? It's even worse because it's a combination of Shawn and Meg who are the married couple owners. 

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i also got the chips at chipotle for lunch today


actually a few weeks ago my bf was like let's try the queso and i was like oh i thought i heard it was terrible and he was like yeah i think i heard they changed it, so we tried it and it was a pretty nice cheese dip, tho not really anything like that glistening white queso that's made with american cheese, closer to like a beer cheese dip or something


so i got a side of that today with a side of green salsa and chips, plus my carnitas burrito :EWBTE-min:

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