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American Politics and Trump End Times Haha Fuck Everything Faygo Not Fascism Thread

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the downfall of Steve Bannon is complete, he's out at breitbart


ffs look at this guy. spoilerd because YIKES






edit: fuck, hector scooped me


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I don't see any other outcome. I don't know much of anything about the case but going pro se is basically never a good idea. Even attorneys who specialize in criminal or family law will hire another attorney to represent themselves in those types if cases because being the client and the lawyer is too much to handle

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10 hours ago, magnets☮ said:


vanilla extract is now behind the counter at major alaskan grocers

holy shit




"If the Easter cookies don't taste good, it's because someone's been eating the vanilla extract," said Tim Grealish, director of community services at Greenbriar Treatment Centers. "I've seen this for about 14 years.


"I get phone calls all the time [from parents] wondering where their vanilla extract is going."


Grealish said the use of vanilla extract by adolescents increased once teens' access to liquid corrective fluid -- which they "huffed," or deeply inhaled -- was curtailed.



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19 hours ago, 📚☕H🍎📚 said:

Having read Fire and Fury I would have to say this was inevitable.  Take the support of the Mercers away from him and he's no longer important.


although the epilogue of the book seems to suggest he's secretly working on a 2020 run of his own :lol:


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