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This is for articles that don't necessarily fit into the current events or news criteria.


To fight the Taliban, Pakistani military turns to unorthodox but simple tactics (Washington Post)


An interesting look at counter-terrorism in Pakistan. This looks more at the tactical operations and doesn't really go into the political side of things but I found it to be very interesting read nevertheless.


Stalin's Rope Roads (The Atlantic)


Mainly a photo gallery but it's about the still-operating tram cars used in Georgian mine towns during the Stalin era. It's here because I like looking at photos of archaic buildings/infrastructure.




American Politics:

-A New Phase In Anti-Obama Attacks (The New York Times) [April 15th, 2015]

What Republicans Can Learn From British Conservatives (The Atlantic) [May 9th, 2015]


Climate Change/Natural Disasters/Weather: 


California Drought Tests History of Endless Growth (The New York Times) [April 4th, 2015]


Democratic Politics:

The Center-Right Movement (The New York Times) [May 12th, 2015]



The Master (The New Yorker) [April 1st, 2013]



Ben Smith and Jonah Peretti: The Gawker Interview (Gawker) [April 22nd, 2015]


Music/Music Industry:

The Man Who Broke The Music Business (The New Yorker)  [April 27th, 2015]


Photo Albums:

Stalin's Rope Roads (The Atlantic) [August 20th, 2013]


Police Brutality:

The Interview (The New Yorker) [December 9th, 2013)



Do Strong Religious Beliefs Stifle Innovation (The Wall Street Journal) [April 22nd, 2015] 

The Invention of Christian America [Digg] [April 27th, 2015]




Salutin' Putin: Inside Russian Troll House (The Guardian) [April 2nd, 2015]


Government Surveillance:

The Forever War Is Always Already Here (Gawker) [April 1st, 2015]


Science & Technology:

The Cobweb [The New Yorker] [January 26th, 2015]

Record-Smashing Atomic Clock Is The Most Accurate Ever (The Washington Post) [April 21st, 2015]



Space Travel:


To Mars (Slate) [April 16th, 2015]



To fight the Taliban, Pakistani military turns to unorthodox but simple tactics (Washington Post) [April 16th, 2015]

U.S. Airstrikes on ISIS in Tikrit Prompt Boycott by Shiite Fighters (The New York Times) [March 26th, 2015]

What ISIS Really Wants (The Atlantic) [March, 2015]

     Rebuttal: The Atlantic Ignores Muslim Intellectuals, Defines "True Islam" As ISIS (The Intercept) [February 21st, 2015]



This Family Lived 40 Years And Never Even Heard of World War II (Gawker) [January 29th, 2013]

The Hanging (The Atlantic) [March, 2013]

The Last True Hermit (GQ) [september, 2014]

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Good idea, sort of our own version of that "give me something to read" blog.


Reading a NYT op-ed this morning about the Republican attacks on Obama's legitimacy, it's an interesting read:



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These are articles recently posted in other threads within news, but they are some of the better ones I've read recently:

Successful U.S. Air Raids in Tikrit Cost Alliances With Shiite Militias


What ISIS Really Wants


A Rebuttal To "What ISIS Really Wants"


Russian Propaganda Trolls


NYT's Report On The California Drought


Moon Man, would you be ok with editing the first post with links? I could help from time to time.

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As in including all of the links posted in this thread?


Yeah I would be okay with that but I'd want to separate them into categories if possible because I think a single long list of links would get messy as time goes on.

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yes, and i definitely second the categories thing.

i can help too since i can edit posts.

anyone use pocket? very useful app to save articles you're reading on twitter and web browsers. that's where i pulled all of my links from. maybe my favorite app period honestly. definitely how i do most of my reading these days.

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I created some categories basses on what's already been posted. I'll add more based on what people post later. 


I want to present links in a more accessible way if possible.


Edit: Decided to organize the links chronologically with the newest articles being at the top. 

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Benkid / California Blue posted this on At Ease. Pretty interesting. I'm a bit iffy about Gawker as a news source, but this certainly qualifies as Worth Reading.





The NSA, to put it plainly, has spectacularly succeeded in tackling all that the new information society has thrown at it. People might have imagined in the past that the government was listening in, that their emails were being read, that their license plate numbers could be read from space. Now, however, because of computing capacity and the experience of almost 15 years of constant war, it's actually plausible. It's happening. But what has it gotten us? If they know everything, then why are we still so fucking dumb? Why does every ISIS emerge as a surprise? Why do more and more people hate us? After all these gazillions of dollars, does the intelligence community really have a better understanding of the Middle East, or terrorism? Do people feel safer here at home?

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from this evening for me:


Ben Smith and Jonah Peretti: The Gawker Interview



^^ good for if you're a media nerd, and if you can stomach Ben Smith's nigh incomprehensible manner of speaking off the cuff.


The Man Who Broke the Music Business



^^ an absorbing look at how one dude who worked in a CD plant in shitsburgh, North Carolina was almost singularly responsible for leaking many of the biggest-name albums from 1996-2007. 

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The Invention of Christian America



I did a lot of research for what I thought would be my second book, and dove into the papers of Hugo Black at the Library of Congress — he wrote the decision in Engle v. Vitale, which is the school prayer decision of 1962.2  He got at least ten boxes full of angry letters about the decision. What struck me is that in these letters that were written to him, there was a recurring theme: Over and over again, in hundreds if not thousands of these letters, I saw ordinary Americans tell this Supreme Court justice he’d misread the First Amendment, because our national motto is “In God We Trust.” But that had only been made the national motto six years earlier.

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Pocket is indeed the best app ever. Combined with the longreads website and i have endless amounts of interesting reading on my phone. Here's a few I've enjoyed recently.




The Cobweb - a story about archiving the internet 



The Master - about systematic abuse in a boys school in the Bronx



The Interview - about police interrogation techniques and the false results they sometimes create



The Last True Hermit - self explanatory



This Family Lived Isolated for 40 Years and Never Even Heard of World War II



The Hanging

The body of William Sparkman Jr., a 51-year-old census worker, was found in 2009 in an isolated cemetery in the Appalachian region of Kentucky. He hung naked from a tree, hands bound, the word FED scrawled in black marker across his chest. Sparkman's death briefly made headlines: to some, it seemed to implicate our polarized politics; to others, a region long known for its insularity. And then the case disappeared from the national view. Here is the story of what really happened to Bill Sparkman, a complex man whom few people truly knew.


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I'll need to update this thread soon because I've been neglecting it but just thought I'd post two articles on the same global phenomena. 


Politically, there's been a shift towards the right throughout most of the west. The NYT piece goes into why that might be more than the Atlantic one does. Both are worth your time imo.


What Republicans Can Learn From British Conservatives (The Atlantic)


The Center-Right Movement (The New York Times)

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Not worth reading, exactly. And I'll edit this post when I find a link, but NPR is ripping the Red Cross a new asshole on mismanagent and waste re: Haiti money.

I mean, it's been well documented how so little funds ever made it to earthquake relief following the 2011 disaster, but this report peels back some layers on one of the world's biggest and most recognizable charities and makes you mad.

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I'm sure a lot of people here saw this already, but if you haven't, it's a fascinating explanation of an inevitable earthquake that will occur along the fault line directly above the San Andreas fault... and essentially decimate the coastal areas of the Pacific Northwest via tsunami. While it's certainly written in a style intended to get a fearful emotional reaction out of the reader, it still is a concise summary of the science behind the discovery of this time bomb as well as the logistical nightmares involved in any preparation attempt that the threatened communities could undertake:



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