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great internet comments about music

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Yes, David Yow got naked. It was an inevitability here, but he certainly took his time, ending the show mostly (he didn’t fully take his pants off) nude. The image of outward apathy, we all cheered as we watched this aging legend spread his poorly-washed ass cheeks at us and waddle around, genitals poking out of his falling jeans.

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September 27, 2013

Format: Audio CD|Verified Purchase
D.Lanz's work is GREAT, the album itself had a defect...last track on one of the discs.I guess no recourse & no one to correct the matter???? just stuck w/ a defective product? I love shopping online everyone hides in the f*kkin' shadows when its time to man-up...

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Fucking wanted to end wirh Dancinf In the moonlight, everyone loves that- your kiddies, your grandmas, everyone loves lit. Hat better way to end right? I did a good job before, had Duran Duran right into blue Monday, it mixed proper well )I had a try with it beforehand). Had Ebola gay and re re wind, I thought I was doing ok. Then fucking bring dancing in the moonlight in over re re wind for my grand finale and something doesn't sound right, it's a real slow fade in , so i thougjt something was up. So 45 seconds in I realise it's Achilles fucking heel!! I'd put the wrong one in my USB, had nothing prepared an I couldn't just play silence so I play fucking Achilles heel for about two minutes until y m8 comes over and brings in Madonna's Abba one over it. He was proper pissed off, hoping to get some more business out of tonight cos he's not been doing it that long and thought people might be interested. He won't even let me stay next to him
Now and I don't know anyone else here ffs. Got some buffet earlier Ba ds te drinks are all free but I don't know anyone. Had a Black Forest gateaux and a lemon one, still waiting for the normals one.

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