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I am a damn ass bunny

thread for every time billy joel adds another show to his record breaking residency at madison square garden

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Billy Joel

Billy Joel is a musician.


As of 1988, Billy Joel had released at least three albums, one of them being The Nylon Curtain. By 2017, he also released Piano ManRiver of Dreams and The Stranger.[1]

On Thanksgiving 2017, Billy performed a concert at Starling Stadium in Star City.[2]

As of 2042, Billy Joel's albums were not in circulation.[1]


  • Accomplished singer: Billy is a reputed singer, performing for large crowds.[2]
  • Accomplished pianist: As a musician, Billy is able to play the piano whilst he sings.[2]



DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Season 3


Season 6

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was legit coming here to post that last night but never actually made the post :lol: 


we finally got around to watching the thanksgiving episode of the arrow and it involved a terroristic threat to billy joel's show at starling stadium




This episode features an uncredited appearance from Billy Joel.[3]

  • Joel's appearance is archive footage from his August 4, 2015 concert at the Nassau Coliseum in Long Island, New York, performing "No Man's Land".
  • Rene claims Billy Joel's album The Stranger to be a "treasured piece of rock and roll history


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