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the Taco Bell ultrathread

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On August 16, 2016 at 10:53 PM, C.I. said:

Just smashed Taco Bell after drinking a lot of Beer at a baseball game and every time I do something like this I feel like it's gonna be time for the reckoning. 


See you you fellas in the morning

lol last Taco Bell I had was also after a baseball game. I always think of it cuz there used to be a Taco Bell literally across the street from turner field instead of just parking lots for blocks. but I did go get a small sandwich first cuz my friend and her bf wanted to go out and I'd parked at his place to uber with them so basically after THAT I just went and got one item plus a bunch to take home to my bf who has innards of steel 

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11 hours ago, cool guy said:

I rarely ring the bell these days but when I do it's usually a cheesy bean and rice 'rito and one of those shredded chicken dealies 

see this is often my order, but I just couldn't get behind when they switched to shredded so I always sub grilled :eat: 



11 hours ago, eeeezypeezy said:

Cheesy bean and rice burritos are my fav, I drown them in fire sauce and go to town.

yeah I just never cared for their sauce till verde and I'm so sad it's gone 

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I liked the Doritos tacos but not enough to get them frequently. they were kinda cool as the crunch in cheesy gordita crunches but then I just went back to the regular cgc


the cheesy core burritos didn't seem that great tho they were better than usual bfyb

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