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I'm actually dreading when we play again. What can be better than winning the Ashes 5-0 after them coming here being confident of easily beating us, then beating the Saffers in SA?




i actually expect us to be working towards getting some new blood through in the next few run of series - the likes of bucky, harris, mj can't play on forever. twatto barely deserves his place in the side. we need to see pattinson maintain fitness; who knows with cummins.


it's funny that, injuries aside, our bowling stocks look okay - it's the lack of depth of batsmen that will be the concern going forward.

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So you squibs are finally listening to warney now huh



Broad would not be much better

Remember when the ashes series was on the line at the wacca and poor Stu had a sore foot and decided to go bowling in the nets instead..



its time to hang up the whites england

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Such a poor player. Always thought he was overrated.

Its an embarrassment to modern pace bowlers and pitch curators that this plodder has made 20 + tons really.

He has had only 1 decent ashes series... just one!

and against the most pedestrian attack Australia has ever seen.. on the most placid and kind pitches ever given.

The Muppet has an average of 23 in his last 19 tests.

Time to find a new job

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would of been so excited about a WC 10 years ago in australia..





so boring. -_-

they just need to kill it of already and make 20/20 cricket SEVEN20..

that's SEVEN wickets in hand and a team MUST play a genuine TAILENDER in the TOP FOUR


that might make it a more even and interesting contest than the bullshit slogfest it is.


smart man saving for Euro 2016, would be amazing

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yeah he was,



that was one of our worst series I will ever see though

its terrible tests like this that make the likes of Watson still get a fucking gig :lol:


There were a few positives. MJ is still in form. 3 series in a row now!

Warner has proven himself in all conditions now at test level, respect.. one of the best going around.


and i guess s.smith continues to get the most out of what he's got (minus his bowling) oh and the M.Marsh 87 :ph34r:

everyone else was absolute trash from ball one / day one / test one. 

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