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My classroom. I'm on a lamp mission right now--I'm so done with overhead fluorescent lights. Thank goodness I have huge windows that get tons of sun all morning when my classes usually are.

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The hat is on hold for the time being, as it's summer and it wouldn't be used anyway. Also, there was yarn on sale so I bought some up and I'm now making a knapsack! A knapsack that is light, but not too small, so it'll be perfect for riding around in the summer and will get lots of use in the near future.


It's a lovely knapsack and I hope mine comes out okay. It's a lot of fun making it, it's exactly as engaging as I'd like a project to be.


I've also been making a fair few errors and it's been enlightening to go back and undo increases and decreases and I feel I'm really coming to understand the anatomy of the stitches. It's good!


I'm nearly done with the gusset and then I've got the front and back and flap to do, plus assembly. Not a bad pace for a slowpoke like me!

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I'm writing a screenplay.

It's an idea I've had for years but had no idea how to start it so it collected dust. Had an epiphany yesterday and beyond how to start it I finally realized how to really flesh it out to being more than the original idea. I'm really hoping it will start taking up my time over the next few months. I want to finally commit to something for once and this seems like a great place to devote my time....

Kinda excited. :)


Wanted to follow up on this.

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It's going.... but pretty slowly. It's my first real attempt at a screenplay so there's a learning curve for how to write in long-hand a conversation that is 3 pages long on paper, 30sec on screen, and supposed to sound natural. Plus segues and scene changes and all that. I absolutely have no idea what I'm doing. Haha. I have the ideas in my head -- at least to a degree -- but writing out what I'm visualizing is not so easy and kinda frustrating. Even the best screenwriter will go thru a lengthy editing process, mine (should I ever finish) will just be exponentially longer.

Still, at least I'm still trying. :)

It should be done sometime around 2042. :lol:

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When, in due time

This earth of ours does flood

As it shall

Not a one who walks among us shall be spared.

Not the mighty lion, nor the feral cat

No dog, loved or stray

Not even the birds for their wings will quickly tire

And they too will sway unwillingly

With the tide that gently rocks our bloated bodies.

It's then I shall envy the fish.

Rulers of a new world. Unchallenged.

Staking their claim to all we've ever known and loved and destroyed.

Accepting all bestowed upon them thru sheer endurance of survival.

The meek.

It's then I shall envy the fish.

Purveyors of the selfless eternity.

Somewhere between time and the infinite echo.

Their time close as hand,

As I can already feel them nibbling at our heels.

I wrote that in 10min cuz of bored.

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(I don't have a title for this mess)

To come to this.

A face amongst the endless sky

The stark blue, vast and pure

Picturesque, an unscathed canvas,

Far reaching as my pinhole eye can muster to see.

But I see it.

And I love it.

I can almost touch it.

I will miss it dearly.

But that's me looking up.

The salt of my eyes, indistinguishable to the infinite saline cloak that carries me.

For but a moment.

Not long now.

Until I drift to sleep,

My bones settle down,

Touch the ocean floor,

Subtly disturb the silt as a sigh never to be noticed,


And vanish.

To where I once came.

Yikes. That one sounded suicidal. :o

Don't read into that. I ain't.

Dunno what's with me and oceans right now.

Anyhoo, another 10min burned....

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So I strode

Head down, shoulders to the breeze

Fingers parting strands

Exist for a moment, then part of the collective and part of the past

Still I feel them

They tingle past the hairs of my hand

Bubble along the skin of my forearm

A parting glance, already chased.

Yet, at extent, I feel them again.

Once more graze the seams of my flesh

Never recognizable by site as they no longer exist,

Still I know it's them.

Faint recollections from a moment ago

Brush those same hairs

Touch those same fingers

At the tips, we part.

Forever gone, and easily forgotten,

Because they were never really here to begin with.

I stride again.

And it's a new feeling this time.

Every time.

No other sense.

I stride on.

And when I reach its center,

Every impossible thread I've covered,

I pause.

I look up.

There's no more darkness below me.

The warmth and kiss of every tumbling wave

It's a welcome home

To a place I've never been or known or seen before

Every strand surrounds me

And carries me

I nest in this deep blue

The center

From where every wave originates.

Caressed by every strand that brought me here

The infinite rhythm

The infinite abyss.

K, it kinda pains me that I stole that last line from "Garden State" but it felt like a good line for it.

More ocean jive.

At this point I'm drunk and spouting off gibberish. Once again out of boredom tho, make no mistake....

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Needle felting was my thing this xmas

These 3 were for my friends. The cat is a replica of my friend's kitten, Sunflower, who actually destroyed these after I made them when we weren't looking even though we put them up high. I will make them again and my bunny friend requested I make the eyes black to match a bunny she used to have. The pig was just a request inspired by the pink wool





This is my aunt's dog Duncan. He used to be my grandmother's dog but not pictured is the black cat I made for her in memory of Mebbe, the cat she had when I was a baby and not yet allergic to cats. I'm not actually sure how you spell it.


This was actually the first one I did and the inspiration:


RIP Julio the sweetest kitten in the world. I made him for my boyfriend who rescued him in the first place but he was living on borrowed time. We just got tattoos of tiny paw prints in memory of him as well. My bf's mom is so sweet she commissioned a catlanta ornament for me of him so these are our julios together:


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:3 Well I'm no expert but the basic ingredients are a felting pad, a needle, and wool!

I bought my stuff from this seller http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/s/?ie=UTF8&k=Weir+Crafts

You can get felting tools that hold more needles but I just went with this one:


And I got their pad:


If you buy multiple items from them the shipping is combined so that's why I got the wool from them too. They have a lot of colors but I just got black ecosoft, pink fizz ecosoft, and off white merino. I may get more later


I bought this book cuz it's beyond cute and I used it for ideas and may get more detailed later but I had already gotten my ideas on freehanding from this video

It hurts if you stab your finger though. The needle came stuck into a piece of the same kinda foam for safety so I kind of used it as a surrogate finger sometimes to keep the things in place. I think by making my animals that small they were harder but it went faster that way cuz I was late starting

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