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2 hours ago, cool guy said:

is this the right thread to talk about keeping up appearances?

someone mentioned Hyacinth Bucket on a podcast I was listening to yesterday, the host hadn't heard of her but his guest launched into a lengthy discussion of middle class anxiety using her as example hehe


in other news I've still only seen 3 episodes of The IT Crowd, but it's constantly coming to mind for some reason or another wtf

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1 minute ago, 🐛 said:

Why wouldn't he present it though? If he's gone down well with the public, what else is he doing really? Might as well just stick to that seeing as Gervais doesn't want to play with him anymore. 


He lives in LA mostly absolutely raking it in with that Lip Sync shite and doing films and that! I doubt he'd be desperate enough to shave his heid and run around with a load of plonkers full-time just because he did it once for charity.

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I think I did say on atease that they do seem to be even worse than usual, but I think that's just the way the show is going. To be fair that video they made for the gilet and Karthik's pitch weren't actually bad, but the PR stunt was painfully bad


I've been watching the second series of The Missing now and I love it! Better than the first in some ways. Who IS she, who IS she?

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