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MLB 2017

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Happy to see Verlander out of Detroit. Not only because the Twins will not be seeing him as often, but also because it will be great seeing him play for a contender.

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On 8/29/2017 at 2:58 PM, shakes said:

:lol: the seasons almost over m8!

Yes; it is true!  This is definitely a burn but also very polite, so, maybe like a hot and piping Jollibee combo meal with my name on it!  :lol::yes: 




I checked and it appears like the Nats have the second best record from either league, or something very close to that?  (I don't think i am reading it wrong.)  Hopefully you are feeling it, i think you might be!!

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godfuckingdamnit baseball players why are you such monumentally embarrassing idiots


“As you can see on video, the catcher kept staring at every single hitter as they were digging into the box. That’s not a very comfortable feeling, having the catcher staring at you while you’re digging in the box. It’s a little disrespectful, to be honest.


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