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MLB 2017

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it is weird how hard fox is trying to spin a redemption angle


the day after the gesture rosenthal wrote an angry column calling for harsh discipline then the next night hes doing an in game puff piece about crlos beltran arranging a face to fce thing between darvish and gurriel and how all three were handling it so well


then that slow motion replay of gurriel tipping his helmet to darvish, fuck off!!

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I mean it is actually not weird at all tbh


I believe it was buck who felt the need to comment on the hat tip and he said something like "he's tipping his hat to darvish after....the gesture...in the dugout" which makes it sound like he was jerking it or something


imagine that you weren't on the internet and relied on the broadcast to understand wtf is happening every time gurriel is batting

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