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MLB 2017

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12 hours ago, shakes said:

seems like the jays screwed themselves by immediately replacing him with lesser players. At this price Edwin is a far better deal


they screwed themselves by being cheap sacks of shit who treat their players badly.   i'm raging right now. here's what those cunts did:


everyone thought edwin would get 100/5


the jays offered him 80/4 and gave him 72 hours to accept it


edwin thought that was low in terms of years and dollars and wanted to look around, probably to boost the jays' offer


jays sign morales and fucking  pearce right away taking spots away from edwin and jose


they lowballed an amount they could live with but knew it was unlikely he'd take it. the 72 hour time frame was not enough for the market to settle, particularly with the cba still being worked out. 


ownership is a media empire and their sports talk radio station is in full "Yays made him the biggest offer! how was it cheap!! Everything Yays do is yay! Yay!" propaganda mode. the only callers they're having on are ones who are saying the yays were right to let him go


sure the Jays offer was the biggest one and that's the line being spewed but ffs it was far lower than anyone thought he'd end up signing for. cheap fucks. i'm done with them. been a fan my whole life, I've been going to games since I was a toddler but I'm fucking done with this team. Never thought they be able to do it. 


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the jays fucked up so bad that it's almost like they want to be mediocre


also consider that Donaldson will likely be traded this year or next because the team won't give him what he deserves when he's a free agent, and they'll probably be in half rebuilding mode. Tulo will be available too.

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calling it here, the Jays finish fourth in the AL East.  They are getting ripped everywhere for fucking up with Edwin and leaving Bautista dangling...everywhere except outlets (including all-sports radio and tv) owned by the telecom corp that owns the Jays.  Mark Shapiro is becoming the most hated man in Toronto.  Shame he didn't realize not to piss us off because we are unforgiving. 



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2 hours ago, shakes said:

i wish free agent press conferences had the player like, rip off his last teams jersey hulkamania style and throw it into the crowd


Hogan = Edwin

Savage = Kendrys Morales

Ref = Mark Shapiro



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