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Menu Thread

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54 minutes ago, Guy Sato said:


Pretty sure they both love it :| They probably did alternatives because idiots like Maze don't like it and if people want to bake something themselves it's easier to make something that doesn't take months like a Christmas pudding. Or they're bored of it and want a change. In fact, Mary has several recipes for it and used to sell a supermarket kit with her name on!

oh i didn't realize it took that long! that's definitely why then :lol: these recipes they do are only for a day TWO TOPS

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Looks like we're going here for our holiday lunch



@Joshua Norton should approve of them calling it "steak 'n' fries" instead of "steak frites" 

idk how you feel abut "au jus" but i can understand why they don't go around writing "with juice" on menus

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10 minutes ago, ocean said:

idk how you feel abut "au jus"


I've got no beef with "au jus" (pun intended) as long as the phrase isn't used as a noun referring to the juice. It's a French culinary phrase that, like you hinted at, doesn't have a good English translation that people wouldn't question if they saw it on a menu.

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