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What The Fuck Are You Listening To? How Is It? Thirsty?

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2 hours ago, PopTodd said:

I don't know. Something about those early lo-fi recordings... the fidelity ties it all together so well, so that they really work well as a complete albums; moreso than if they had been recorded on good equipment.

Although, as an individual song, it is great to listen to the Tigermilk version of "Game of Pricks" too. But, to listen to the complete albums, I prefer the lo-fi. Creates a mood.

heh, i got introduced to that song by jimmy eat world




2 hours ago, PopTodd said:

Also, I would argue that the filler songs are essential to the flow of the album.

And it is a perfect album.

i wouldn't call it perfect, but it's definitely a "greater than the sum of its parts" situation 

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1 hour ago, pentachris said:


This is all I see



Weird. Tried reuploading.





Great little pop record that I like a lot. It’s warm and friendly. There’s some great songs that are serious but fun at the same time - sad stuff you can dance to. I like that. It just starts to drag a bit in the second half. 

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Bought this on cd in some sale a year or two ago because I thought the cover was beautiful. First actual listen now and I really like it so far. It sounds like nothing else I know. Like some country crooner who decides he’s going to make soundtracks for arthouse films. I think it’s good so far.

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