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Boofie Brown

The SCIENCE Thread

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the joke in the comic doesn't even WORK ffs, no one thinks hair and nails being made of the same thing is exciting and fun information, it's on of the most boring bits of trivia you can imagine!

just sub in any quirky "I love science" thing anyone has ever said who you know isn't actually into science

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Oh, I agree about that Bill Bryson book. That is a great read.


WRT Cosmos, I'm definitely not learning much new about science, but it it good review. I am, however, learning a bit more about the stories of scientists and what not. I had no idea that Edmund Halley was so instrumental in prompting Newton to right is book, for example.


I tolerate the animated bits to a degree, but I don't care for scattershot approach. Maybe if I had ADHD or something. Still, I like it despite its obvious aim for mass appeal.

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