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banh mi

Grim looking food pics

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6 minutes ago, Demons Sing Love Songs said:

damn why would anyone want to wear food ffs





Wearing Food is a New Fashion

Photo: oddity.com

Just when you thought that you had eaten enough for the next month...we bring you Hunger Pains. It's fashion and food photography coming together in a vegetarian way.

Photographed by Ted Sabarese, a New Yorker, he is portraying his fascination with people and the food that they eat. The models are wearing clothes (made entirely of real food) that depict a meal each was craving. Hmmmm, some strange food fetishes here.

Photo: oddity.com

All clothes on the photos are edible. Is he a vegetarian as well? How often have you thought of using challah as shoulder pads, or wearing trousers made out of waffles. The artichoke heart gown took over 6 hours to finish and the model stood the entire time while they attached each individual leaf to her body.

Photo: oddity.com
Ted Sabarese likes working with non-professional models and actors who don't quite fit the traditional mode of beauty, but there is certainly nothing wrong with any of these specimens.

Photo: odditycentral.com

Sung Yeonju is a Korean artist who also has created a series of dresses made of various foods, entitled Wearable Foods. She uses foods such as bread, red cabbage, tomatoes and spring onions and bananas, in this case. Each of her pieces consists of one kind of food. 

Whereas Ted Sabarese just thought food would be a fun thing to photograph, she has taken a more artsy and philosophical view of her work: "This series of work forces viewers to defy the actual meaning, the functionalities, and the aspects of what clothing signifies in our lives. The essence of clothing and food has been reinterpreted. Each element does not fulfill its own role and yet, each suggests an unconventional and even contradicting role - un-wearable clothing that is made out of the materials that do not last."

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This forum doesn't seem to get much action, so I thought I'd start a thread where people can rank some of their favorite meals ever. Here are mine to get things started:

1. Crusted Mahi Mahi I had in Maui (my buddy took me) 7 years ago
2. Crab legs with melted butter
3. Top notch sushi I had the other day
4. These chicken wings my buddy cooked once.
5. Lobster Bucatini I had for my birthday dinner last year which had noodles crusted in finely ground bacon and huge pieces of Maine lobster.
6. Olive Garden breadsticks with alfredo sauce
7. Mango Tres Leches with vanilla bean ice cream
8. Cheesecake with chocolate shell
9. Pizza from this place called Hot Slice that shut down and it was a travesty.


@Mr T. Osser

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