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banh mi

Grim looking food pics

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3 minutes ago, Lana Del Rey said:

Do you ever pop a single boiled potato on the side of meals?

i'm gonna snap a photo of borscht from my fav dairy restaurant next time i'm there


i only eat boiled potatoes with borscht or with salted herring and onions

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28 minutes ago, ocean said:

funny i've heard of/done this but don't recall knowing russians did it too, unsurprised tho



also a pickle back is good


This shit freaked me out when I first starting seeing it around here. I've still never done one. I like my whiskey on its own. 

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19 minutes ago, hell dude said:

pickle backs have been a thing for a while iirc


but yeah they're gross imo



14 minutes ago, eeeezypeezy said:

They're fine, but I'd never order one


haha yeah idk i had one at a bar with my friend like... 4? years ago? just cuz she suggested it but why would i order it at a bar when i could just get out some of my own pickle juice when someone offers me whiskey at my house :p actually i really haven't had it in a few years but i honestly will probably do that the next time someone's having whiskey and offers me a shot. i normally just decline cuz i just can't get over a whiskey aversion but also most of the time it's not like it's good whiskey anyway. when i'm feeling extra festive and wanting to get fucked up is when i say yes but if i think about a pickle juice chaser i'm surely going to be more likely 


but really it's all about what @psycho said, i just keep the leftover pickle juice from a jar in the fridge for when i'm hung over. 

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