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WHAT'S ON?? TV show catchall thread

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I watched and enjoyed the first season, but the first half of season two was so slow and godawful that by the time they came back from their midseason break I'd basically forgotten the show existed. Haven't tried to get back into it, but I have some friends who keep insisting it gets better.

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S1 was really stupid all things considered. The first ep was good as heck and then, like, what happened? such bad writing. 


I think what has kept me interested is that the show is actually interested in exploring what this world looks like. Like, the way everyone gets all "AHHH YESS!!!" at a hot shower, for instance, and how they all got hammered in the CDC. there is a humanity to it even if literally all the dialog is bullshit and the plot is flabby as hell. 


I kinda wasn't paying attention during the last couple of eps we left off on and it didn't seem like I missed much. 


I did like the ep where Shane left the fat guy as bait though. HE SHAVED HIS HEAD. THAT MEANS HE CHANGED

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