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Tomie dePaola appreciation thread

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On 9/7/2017 at 0:14 AM, ocean said:



oh my goodness i remember this :')



On 9/7/2017 at 8:21 AM, big anthony riding a wave of spaghetti said:

I also thought about making my av a picture of strega nona and my username "the spaghetti bitch"











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Just now, big anthony riding a wave of spaghetti said:

I'm not sure if this is accurate but I have a weird memory of my dad taking me to some book signing thing when I was a kid to meet tomie depaola?? I should ask him if that actually happened



did u have My First Chanukah?

I think besides mothers of Jewish classmates coming to teach us about it this was my primary source of knowledge about the holiday :W 




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