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Lana Del Rey


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Rewatching the season one finale I noticed a glaring mistake. When Ronnie and Arch are about to get it on, Archie is able to get his Chuck Taylor High Tops off without the use of his hands. That's literally impossible. Trust me, I tried many times as a teen. You need your hands. You can't just push them off with your foot. YOU NEED YOUR HANDS. This show is horrible and I can't believe I put up with it for this long. The writers should be all fired for this.

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New girl Toni Topaz will be joining Riverdale in season two, and things about to get a little... SPICY!





The barely-legal 25-year-old Finding Carter star is playing bisexual Archie Comics character Toni Topaz on the second season of the CW drama. Although the show won't be returning for another six weeks, fans are losing their minds over the possibility that Vanessa's alter-ego will come between on-screen couple Betty and Jughead, better known as 'Bughead'.


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luckie_rae After what Cheryl did in the last episode of S1 I want the Blossoms to move into the Pemberton and Cheryl and Veronica to fall in love and start a beautiful biracial bisexual relationship as independent powerhouse girlfriends who aren't to be messed with and I feel very strongly about this 🍒✨🌸

solace_of_trees Incredible sexy feet!

rmelee97_ Red heads have the most soft luscious feet I wanna lick them 👅💦

harm1234567 I’ve never sucked toes from a red hairy woman, but yours looking delicious😘

meredithfoster.tr I LOVE YOU
meredithfoster.tr PLEASE NOTİCE ME
meredithfoster.tr PLEASE
meredithfoster.tr I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH
meredithfoster.tr MADELAİNE PLEASE

ferdyafrzl thought that was cam's period at first, wud lick that up x

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