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On 1/6/2018 at 11:56 PM, Parrot said:

And also by not think I meant think and try to decide on a beer from some massive overly dense beer menu. I just don't have that patience sometimes. 


I'm always super skeptical of MASSIVE BEER MENU because unless you're at like a dedicated beer bar there's no way they're keeping all that shit fresh. 

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anyway we grabbed a variety sixer of some extremely thicc beers for the big storm tonight. included are a Founders Backwoods Bastard, a Stone Xocoveza, a Columbus Creeper, and then I forget. 


excited for that.

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this going to be me tomorrow:


Mark your calendars! Saturday January 13th from 12-10pm we will be hosting our friends Averie and Jeff from Jester King out of Austin, TX for another Tasting Room Remix!!! 🙌🙌

Good evening y’all! We would like to announce the beers being poured for our Tasting Room Remix with Jester King Brewery. There will be a mix of bottle pours and draft pours from both The Veil and Jester King. Here’s what will be available:


~Black Metal-10.4%-Farmhouse Imperial Stout 
~Le Petit Prince-2.8%-Table Beer
~SPON 17 3YB- 5.8%-Gueuze-inspired blend of spontaneously fermented beer
~Fen Tao-5.9%-Barrel-aged beer refermented with TX peaches
~Birra di Sangiovese-7.4%-Barrel-aged beer refermented with TX Sangiovese grapes 
~Grim Harvest-5.8%-Farmhouse beer made with second-use blackberries 
~Atrial Rubicite-5.2%-Barrel-aged beer refermented with raspberries***
~Örter i Mörker-7.9%-Inspired by Danish Smørrebrød; brewed with woodear mushrooms
~Song of Binding-6.9%-Foudre fermented farmhouse ale aged in Pinot Noir barrels 
~Figlet- 6.2%-Farmhouse ale fermented with Texas figs smoked at Franklin's BBQ
~Biere de Miel-5.8%-Farmhouse ale brewed with TX wildflower honey
~El Cedro-8%-Hoppy Farmhouse beer aged on Spanish Cedar 
~Nocturn Chrysalis-5.9%-Ale refermented in oak barrels w/ blackberries***


~Henry Ded Mon-11%-Mikkeller HQ collab/Quintuple Dry-hopped Triple IPA w/ Citra, Mosaic, Galaxy, Amarillo, Vic Secret, Motueka, and Kohatu
~Bourbon BA Circle of Wolves-12.8%-Barrel-aged English Barleywine
~PRBLMS-11%-Triple IPA w/ Mosaic, Citra, and Enigma 
~Make You Feel-5.9%-open fermented farmhouse inspired ale aged in Pinot noir barrels***
~Escape-5.8%-100% Brett fermented Farmhouse India pale ale conditioned in wine barrels
~No More Sleep-5.9%-Dark farmhouse inspired ale aged in oak barrels
~Pallbearer-13.5%-Imperial Stout aged in bourbon barrels
~We Ded Mon-11%-Triple IPA with 100% Citra 
~Master Master Shredder Shredder-5.5%-Double dry-hopped version of our house IPA Master Shredder
~Never Never Again Again-5.1%- Double raspberry Gose
~Coalesce-5.5%-Czech style Pilsner
~IdontEVEReverwanttoBU-9.3%-Double dry-hopped version of our 9.3% 0 IBU DIPA IdonteverwanttoBU. Hopped with Citra and Mosaic
~Sleeping Forever-12%-Anniversary Imperial Stout
~2016 vintage Bourbon BA Sleeping Forever-13.2%-Anniversary Imperial Stout aged in bourbon barrels for 12 months
~@_natureboi-8.5%- Double IPA w/ Citra and New Zealand Motueka 
~Dreamless-4%-Unspiced Witbier

Almost all of these offerings will be available in 6oz and 12oz pours with the exception of any beer with *** after it. Those beers are limited to 3oz pours due to their limited availability. This is not a ticketed event, but we will be selling 3oz, 6oz, and 12oz drink tickets. All drink tickets are NON-REFUNDABLE, and only valid the day of the event(Saturday 1/13/18). There will be champagne available for purchase in 4oz pours also. Beers will be pouring inside and outside. 

Tyler Trainum from Autumn Olive Farms and Adam Hall from Saison will be serving up the food from 12-6pm and @cdividerva will be serving food from 6-9pm.

BillyCrystalFingers and Dj Chenchilla will be spinning from 12-6pm.

We will be open from 12-10pm, but the event will be from 12pm until sell out. We will have beer pouring from 12-10pm, but once the Jester King beers kick, they are gone. Please make sure to get there early if you want to have the best opportunity to try as many Jester King beers as possible. ALL of the Jester King beers are limited in availability while the beers marked *** are extremely limited.

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4 hours ago, -justin said:

Never Never Again Again-5.1%- Double raspberry Gose


double raspberry version of our raspberry Gose Never Again. This one is literally insane. We are fully admitting that we went overboard and we are stoked that we did! More than half a ton(literally) of raspberry purée was added to this batch. It's essentially an adult smoothie in the best way possible. **PLEASE NOTE THAT THERE IS A SIGNIFICANT AMOUNT OF FRUIT IN THIS BEER AND THAT IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT THESE CANS REMAIN COLD AT ALL TIMES.** Show Less








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so about NNAA.  it's one of their most sought after releases.  people line up for hours to get it and it's about $21 for 4 16 oz. cans.  it can sell nationally on the beer groups for like $80!  i had the first release of it and it was certainly good, but it tasted like straight raspberry juice.  no pucker, no salt.  for me, i don't care if a beer is "true to style" which this one certainly isn't, i just want it to taste great.  just not worth that much money for that beer. 


at any rate, on Saturday, i'm excited about the barrel aged farmhouse and sour ales that Jester King will have (and also The Veil have just released their first bottles in their barrel program this week).  also, i dropped a little bit too much on beer earlier in the week but their barrel program is where The Veil will shine.  these were all 12-18 months in barrels.  just look at those beautiful bottles.





~Make You Feel 5.9% open fermentation farmhouse inspired ale aged in Pinot Noir barrels. $20+tax each. 4x bottles per person.

We will have approx 10x 1.5L magnums of Make You Feel available. $60+tax each

~Pallbearer 13.5% bourbon barrel aged imperial stout. $17+tax each. 4x bottles per person.

~Escape 5.8% brett fermented IPA aged in red wine barrels. $20+tax each. 4x bottles per person.

We will have approx 15x 1.5L magnums of Escape available. $60+tax each.

~No More Sleep 5.9% barrel fermented dark farmhouse inspired ale. $20+tax each. 3x bottles per person.

We will have approx 23x 1.5L magnums of No More Sleep available. $60+tax each

~PRBLMS 11% Triple IPA hopped with 50% Mosaic hops, 25% Citra, and 25% Enigma hops.. $17.50+tax/4-pack. 1 case/6x 4-packs per person.



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No More Sleep is a brand new offering from our Funkhaüst. Clocking in at 5.9%, No More Sleep is a dark farmhouse inspired ale barrel fermented with mixed cultures in 80% spent bourbon barrels that previously held Sleeping Forever and 20% new oak. No More Sleep spent just over 6 months in these barrels fermenting and conditioning, then we blended all of the barrels together and bottle conditioned them for another 2 months. Powdery dark cocoa, oak tannins, bright tart cherry acidity, leathery, effervescent, and refreshingly dry. We hope to make this a once a year beer, so don’t expect to see this one for another 12-18 months.


eta: so absolutely on point.  the barrel program is where this brewery is really going to knock out of the park now that they've been open long enough to release the beers that have been maturing.  the lead brewer trained at The Alchemist, Hill Farmstead and Cantillon.



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