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do you consider yourself to be at all "evil"

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On 12/18/2017 at 8:21 AM, dhsb, dregs, shakes and 3 other's said:


interesting , i don't think i agree and my question was asking if anyone considered themself to be even a little bit evil. like they can be good in most areas of their life, but regularly commit specific acts of evil.


i swat my cat in the buns to make him stumble slightly off-center when he's all worked up and on-the-go bounding from one room to the next




it's a specific act of evil

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my cat has a tail that bends all the way over his back to touch his shoulder blades though, and he sounds like a generator when he purrs, he's very extra


hes a specific and lewd act of evil


i just don't feel that bad about cramping his style i guess.  plus it never gets to him, he just jumps back like "did you touch me?!"



Condite and ocean like this

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