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TV shows or Movies where none of the main characters are likable

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hey other ladies of the annex is this ever how you feel but on a daily basis about just being a woman in public? am I the only one who mostly communicates thru proxies and packages? hello

I feel like this is the story of how the annextm destroyed hotrock and ruined everything because hotrock is literally the best reason to be here. 

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18 hours ago, psycho said:

it's always sunny is a bad example imo bc none of them are supposed to be likeable 


17 hours ago, Lights said:


I thought the exact same, nowhere in the thread OP does it say they aren't supposed to be unlikable! 


tbh at first i thought this was exactly what this thread was about and seinfeld and always sunny were the perfect examples but what do i know


16 hours ago, lukin? said:

seinfeld is sort of the original “everyone is an asshole” show


brought this up to a new coworker the other day and he started to argue with me that they weren't unlikeable, but i don't know the show well enough that was always just my impression, idgaf 

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4 minutes ago, ocean said:

idk girls was kind of one of these shows at least at one time wasn't it but i didn't get more than a couple seasons in

I literally agree Girls is all unlikable but IASIP is so likable, as in Seinfeld. What's not to like about exposing how fucked up everything is?

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1 hour ago, Lights said:

Guys I hate to break it to you but Dee is not a female role model, she is a rapist who sets people on fire :| 

christmas is over and TV isn't real
do you think I would have a tattoo for a serial killer if they weren't safely in the realm of fiction?

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