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Boofie Brown

The Annex Fantasy Football League 2017 not 2014, R.I.P. Boofie Brown

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So it's about time we made this offish, let's start talking logistics for this league as we have just over a month until football begins for real ( :fun::fun::fun: ). I'm happy to be commish of the league but if someone in particular really wants to do it they can be my guest, I'm not married to the idea of being the Annex version of Goodell, but have done it before for a league I do annually with friends and wouldn't have a problem with doing it here.

Post itt if you're gonna join, here's the list of people who have unofficially stated they'd play so far:

boofie brown
fly agaric
fly's gf
roger sterling
eat shadows







draft date tentatively set for: Tuesday Sept. 2nd

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Too much concentrated talent. Twelve teams is the perfect amount to spread it around so that no one really has a stud RB, QB and WR. Makes the draft more interesting and playing the waiver wire even more important.


Just think it is more competitive is all.14, though, is too much. Pretty much as to be 12 and I'm pretty sure Jesus would agree.

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I'm telling ya, my girlfriend is legit if we need someone.

I'm definitely more in favor of 14 than 10, just know it gets tricky. One injury and you're fucked.

Big fan of standard scoring. I get :wacko: when it gets too cute. Two qbs is too cute. The more the sport can resemble actual football, the better.

The keeper league I play in has 11 idps. Seriously one of the most stupid things. When I first joined they were awarding 6 points for a sack. It was nuts. Oh, and only 8 offensive positions: QB, 2 rb, 2 wr, 1 te, 1 flex, and a k. It really skewed things. I'm going to lobby hard to reduce the idps down to 6 with the hope that we cen compromise on 8.

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so we only need 1 more person

how much money are you guys thinking of doing?

i already have a pay league irl and we're renting a vip room at a local bar and buying a draft board and a trophy so i'm not too excited to sink a significant amount of cash into this tbh

like $20 each?

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so tbh I'm thinking about this whole commissioner thing more and more and well - I'm preparing to move to Chicago in late sept/oct and helping organize and orchestrate a big all day show in late august and I'm now realizing how busy the next month or so in my life is gonna be. just putting out the feelers to see if anyone else wants to be commish bc I think it would spare me a bit of a headache to have one less thing on my plate!!!!!!!!

lmk itt!!!

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I'd do it, except I am not interested in handling the money part of the ordeal. Money makes me feel gross and the less I deal with it, the better.


I don't even pay my bills. My mother still does a lot of that for me (phone, car insurance) and I just give her whatever when I see her.

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