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Your Favo(u)rite Novels - TELL ME WHAT THEY ARE

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23 minutes ago, Chernobyl Two said:

Okay gonna rethink this one a bit but... 

One Hundred Years Of Solitude - Garcia-Marquez

Infinite Jest - DFW

Franny & Zooey - Salinger

Big Sur - Kerouac

A Complicated Kindness - Miriam Toews

Bell Jar - Plath


only read three of these but those three are definitely A+

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20 minutes ago, John McClane said:

My brother is a pretty big reader but had never read A Confederacy of Dunces. 


Bought him a copy for Christmas.

me neither but I still have not ever quite resumed the level of reading I had pre-Internet even though I am managing to read more than I did for most of high school and college


pretty sure @Demons Sing Love Songs is a fan so i'm overdue 

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5 hours ago, John McClane said:

Stranger in a Strange Land was pretty interesting.  It wasn't the sci-fi novel I was expecting.  There were definitely some curveballs thrown in there.


Now onto a more familiar novel I have never read:





My birth mother's grandad lived behind Ernest Hemingway... This man used to tell me... "Ernest was a real weird boy..."
I was five and later on when I was six in kindergarten and a kid called me weird, I was like 'thanks' shy face... ;)

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By Night In Chile is the only Bolano that I gave up on. He's my favorite writer but was pretty inconsistent.


This is not a novel but is as exciting as any that I've read:



It's disappointingly and unevenly weighted towards the modern age but is still outstanding so far. I'm halfway through and want to do nothing but read it.

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