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Police Brutality

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On 7/28/2017 at 3:46 PM, mnemosyne said:

who the fuck uses words like paddywagon anymore? 

side note, i've been hearing this even more in recent years somehow? i mean i guess mostly people trying to use colloquially understood terms rather than like "police van" if that's what they're called, but it's the kind of word most people dont realize is thought to be racially offensive in origin (like gyp)


for instance i remember them using the term a lot in the season of undisclosed podcast that investigated the freddie gay case

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I found out over Christmas that my ruthless wealthy capitalist father not only fucking hates cops, but also donates anonymously to charities/causes/gofundmes/ etc for people who have been unjustly killed by police


I have no idea where it comes from and it severely shakes my worldview

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