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Wilco (The Thread)

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i dont think youre giving schmilco enough credit in that regard tbh


its no radical reinvention a la YHF or anything but for a late career release from a band thats been playing it safe for a few albums its a pretty big change up imo


but to be clear wilco has only ever been like 10% "experimental" at best so this remains a dumb debate, i just dont think its fair to say schmilco is treading water or anything

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eh, i think schmilco is ambitious. from a strict songwriting standpoint its not drastically different from the midtempo pop songs jeff was writing in his sleep a la wta or twl, but theres a deliberate level of deconstruction going on that sets it apart


good album

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4 hours ago, exxon valdez said:

john is probably the only truly safe wilcman


remember that bit in ashes of american flags (i think?) where jeff gets all misty eyed and says without john theres no wilco

I remember an interview in a local magazine with John back in the sbs days (they probably couldnt afford to interview jeff) where he stated Jeff was trying to force him out of the band around the period they recorded agib. Probably the bleakest period for tweedy though. 

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