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The World Ends With You is cool. I played it on the DS but never got very far. It's the only thing that out of that bunch that I find really exciting. Tropical Freeze is cool, but near the bottom of my list of Wii U ports I want, and I'm probably going to play Ys 8 on PC. So I guess it's more that most of this doesn't appeal to me personally :shrug: 


It seems like third parties are still caught off guard by the popularity of the Switch and rushing to port whatever they can think of. Hopefully this means we'll start seeing projects developed with it in mind soon.

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it is still quite baffling that major Wii U games havent been floated around at all


I thought for sure we'd have word on Smash 4 at the very least


not to mention Tokyo Mirage and Xenoblade X (tho this one is probably to not cannibalize sales with 2)

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Feel like they have to be holding back a bit for your E3s of the world. I think the latest game they announced here comes out in May. 


You have to wonder if they just started making a new Smash bros for the Switch at this point though. It's been so long since those rumors started going around. 


More Atlus stuff in general would be great. 

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