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controversial thread - music edition

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The Replacements were definitely 'of their time' as the saying goes. I've played them to some friends and the reaction has mainly be that they are a ramshackle, totally average band who haven't aged well.


this is absolutely incorrect. no one ever produced them well; they got dinged by some 80s production techniques, but all of those songs hold up 100%.



they have three consecutive classics, four if I'm being generous with hootenanny. they're far from perfect albums, but every junk rock cut like gary's got a boner is essential to every unsatisfied. it's just part of the experience. they were a sloppy mess of a rock band and were absolutely all the better for it. none of those records would be better if you "fixed" them.


paul westerberg is the best songwriter of his generation imho.

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The Clash s/t was the only album in the first couple of years of the UK punk scene which I think is pretty great front-to-back, and all in all an essential listen.  The one exception is Pink Flag coming out in 1977, but in the company of their contemporaries they seemed totally out of place.  Otherwise it was mostly about singles at that time.

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I said it and I mean it :jammin:

I like the clash a bit but I think they're possibly the single most overrated band there is!!!!!

Can't even remember when I last cared to listen to a clash album

This to the infinite power. I will never understand the seemingly universal love those guys receive

Alright here's a hot take: Simon & Garfunkel are pretty overrated. They make good music but I've never ever had the desire to throw on one of their records. Their songs are pleasant but they do next to nothing for me


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didnt really mean the clash were just an image (though i would say that to an extent sicne you mentioned it :w) like the pistols


i just feel like i respect the clash more than i actually like them. the idea of the clash is cool but the music? eh. to me theyre a pretty average punk band that almsot successfully incorporated left field-ish incfluences. some great songs scattered around but yeah, even london calling is hard for me to get through. its nice that theyre something of a gateway punk band for so many, but i have little use for their music  :shrug:


simon and garfunkel i love but i can see someone not liking them. 


i like simons early solo records way more than graceland fwiw

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